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Apiaceae - Selinum tenuifolium.jpg
Selinum tenuifolium at the Orto Botanico di Brera, Milano
Scientific classification

Selinum is a Eurasiatic genus of flowering plants in the parsley family Apiaceae.[1]


The Plant List accepts the following eight species and one variety :

Ornamental use[edit]

Selinum wallichianum is a handsome and long-lived, hardy, herbaceous perennial, suitable for woodland gardens and mixed borders.[3]

Folk-medicinal and ritual uses[edit]

Several Himalayan species belonging to the genus are both taken internally and burnt as dhoop or incense as sedatives to soothe mental turmoil of various kinds in Tantric rituals. Given that aphrodisiac properties are also reported they may also be used in practices related to sex magic / sacred sexuality. They are aromatic and mildly psychoactive without being unduly toxic - some species are recorded as having been used both as human food and cattle fodder.[4]


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