Selja Gorges

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Selja Gorges
Railway station
Selja gorges with the train Lézard rouge
Connections (fr. Gorges de Selja)
southern Tunisia in Gafsa Governorate

Selja Gorges (fr. Gorges de Selja) - are located in southern Tunisia in Gafsa Governorate. The gorges links the Gafsa Valley with the Redeyef plateau. The area contains rich phosphate deposits.

Railway line[edit]

Railways, with Selja Gorges section in red.

At beginning of the 20th century, the railway line was built from the harbor of Sfax to the mining town of Métlaoui. The mining companies decided that to extend that line to the Redeyef plateau. The railway line was laid in the gorge crossing the mountain range. Many tunnels and bridges had to be built.

For the next century the line was used for phosphate transport and for tourism purposes. In September 2009 there were massive rains in the area. The water flooded the plateau and by Selja Gorges found its way out to Gafsa valley. The railways was badly damaged, and train wagons on mines sidings were rolled over by water. The rail line was closed for about a year, until repairs were completed.

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