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Seljalandsfoss, Suðurland, Islandia, 2014-08-16, DD 201-203 HDR.JPG
Seljalandsfoss waterfall
Seljalandsfoss is located in Iceland
Location63°36′57″N 19°59′34″W / 63.61583°N 19.99278°W / 63.61583; -19.99278Coordinates: 63°36′57″N 19°59′34″W / 63.61583°N 19.99278°W / 63.61583; -19.99278
Total height60 m (200 ft)
Number of drops1

Seljalandsfoss is a waterfall in Iceland.[1] Seljalandsfoss is located in the South Region in Iceland right by Route 1 and the road that leads to Þórsmörk Road 249.[2] The waterfall drops 60 m (197 ft) and is part of the Seljalands River that has its origin in the volcano glacier Eyjafjallajökull. Visitors can walk behind the falls into a small cave.[3]

Front Face of the Waterfalls


Plans to build an 8-metre high, 2000 square-metre information centre near the waterfall provoked controversy in Iceland in May 2017.[4][5] Opponents of the plans argued that the building would spoil the view of the waterfall and interrupt the natural look of the area.[4][5]

In popular culture[edit]

Seljalandsfoss was a waypoint during the first leg of The Amazing Race 6.[6]

Seljalandsfoss was featured in the movie CKY2K along with music from Björk.[citation needed]

The official music video of "I'll Show You" by Justin Bieber features glacial lagoons and rivers in South Iceland, including Seljalandsfoss.[7]

The first episode of season three of Star Trek: Discovery "That Hope Is You, Part 1" featured a brief scene at the waterfall.[8]

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