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Selkirk may refer to:


  • Selkirk, Scottish Borders, a royal burgh in southern Scotland, incorporated before 1300, and from which many of the following people and places are named
  • Fort Selkirk, Yukon, a historic Hudson's Bay Company trading post and First Nation settlement on the Yukon River
  • International Selkirk Loop, a route in Idaho, Washington, and British Columbia skirting the Selkirk Mountains
  • Lord Selkirk Park, a neighbourhood in Winnipeg, Canada
  • Selkirk, Manitoba, a city in Manitoba, Canada
  • Selkirk, Kansas, an unincorporated community in Wichita County, Kansas
  • Selkirk, New York, an unincorporated hamlet in the town of Bethlehem located in Albany County, New York
  • Selkirk Mountains, a mountain range in British Columbia, Canada and the Idaho panhandle, USA
  • Selkirk Settlers Bridge, in Winnipeg, Canada
  • Selkirk Shores State Park, on the shore of Lake Ontario, located in the town of Richland, Oswego County, New York
  • Alejandro Selkirk Island, the largest and most westerly island in the Juan Fernández Archipelago of the Valparaíso Region of Chile, situated 180 km (100 nmi; 110 mi) west of Robinson Crusoe Island in the southeastern Pacific Ocean.



  • Selkirk (horse), (1988–2013), a North American-bred, thoroughbred racehorse that raced mainly in Europe
  • Selkirk Rex, a breed of cat with curly hair




  • Selkirk hurdle, a description of the route that freight trains must take from New York City to points west of the Hudson River
  • Selkirk locomotive, a type of steam locomotive built by Montreal Locomotive Works

Other uses[edit]

  • Selkirk Communications a defunct Canadian radio and television broadcasting company, which operated from 1959 to 1989.
  • Selkirk Grace commonly recited before a Burns supper, attributed to Robert Burns
  • Selkirk transmitting station, the transmitter that provides FM, digital radio and television coverage to Selkirk.