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Selman Akbulut

Selman Akbulut (born 1949) is a Turkish mathematician and a Professor at Michigan State University. His research is in topology.


In 1975 he earned his Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley as a student of Robion Kirby. In topology, he has worked on handlebody theory, low-dimensional manifolds, symplectic topology, G2 manifolds. In the topology of real-algebraic sets, he and Henry C. King proved that every compact piecewise-linear manifold is a real-algebraic set; they discovered new topological invariants of real-algebraic sets.

He has developed 4-dimensional handlebody techniques, settling conjectures and solving problems about 4-manifolds, such as Zeeman conjecture,[1] Harer-Kas-Kirby conjecture, Scharlemann problem,[2] and Cappell-Shaneson problems.[3][4][5] He constructed an exotic compact 4-manifold (with boundary)[6] from which he discovered "Akbulut corks".[7]

His most recent results concern the 4-dimensional smooth Poincare conjecture.[8] He has supervised 12 Ph.D students as of 2016. He has more than 95 papers and three books published, and several books edited.

He was a visiting scholar several times at the Institute for Advanced Study (in 1975-76, 1980–81, 2002, and 2005).[9]


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