Selvagem Pequena Island

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Selvagem Pequena Island
Selvagem Pequena - 1ago04.jpg
Coast line of Selvagem Pequena
Location Atlantic Ocean
Coordinates 30°00′N 16°00′W / 30.000°N 16.000°W / 30.000; -16.000Coordinates: 30°00′N 16°00′W / 30.000°N 16.000°W / 30.000; -16.000
Archipelago Savage Islands
Area 0.3 km2 (0.12 sq mi)
Highest elevation 49 m (161 ft)
Highest point Pico do Veado
Autonomous Region Madeira Islands
Population uninhabited

Selvagem Pequena Island (lit. Small Wild/Savage Island; size: 800 x 500 m) is an island in the Southeast Group of the Savage Islands, Madeira, Portugal. Its fauna and flora are well-preserved due to lack of human interference.

In the 1890 book The Cruise of the Alerte, the island was called the 'Great Piton'.

It has an active lighthouse.[1]


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