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Selvarajan Yesudian or Selva Raja Yesudian (February 25, 1916, in Madras – October 26, 1998, in Zürich) was a yoga teacher and author. He is in particular known for a book he co-authored with Elisabeth Haich: Sport és Jóga - Budapest 1941, Sport und Yoga 1949, in English-speaking countries released as Yoga and Health.[1][2]


Selvarajan Yesudian arrived in Hungary from India in 1937 and founded Europe's first yoga school in Budapest with Elisabeth Haich (in Hungarian: Haich Erzsébet) in 1941. After World War II in 1948 they had to close their school, when the communist regime came to power in the Soviet occupied country, and fled to Switzerland. They settled and founded their new yoga school there, which became well known and had an international reputation in the following decades.

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