Seman (river)

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Seman from the air.jpg
Seman (river) is located in Albania
Seman (river)
Physical characteristics
 - locationOsum and Devoll
Adriatic Sea
 - coordinates
40°49′25″N 19°22′0″E / 40.82361°N 19.36667°E / 40.82361; 19.36667Coordinates: 40°49′25″N 19°22′0″E / 40.82361°N 19.36667°E / 40.82361; 19.36667
Length85 km (53 mi)
Basin size5,649 km2 (2,181 sq mi)[1]
 - average95.7 m3/s (3,380 cu ft/s)

The Seman is a river in western Albania. It is formed at the confluence of the rivers Osum and Devoll, a few km northwest of Kuçovë. It is 85 km (53 mi) long (281 km (175 mi) including its longest source river Devoll) and its drainage basin is 5,649 km2 (2,181 sq mi). Its average discharge is 95.7 m3/s (3,380 cu ft/s).[2] It flows west through Fier-Shegan and Mbrostar (near Fier). It flows into the Adriatic Sea near Topojë.

In classical antiquity, the Seman River was known as the Apsus River.[3]


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