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Semantic Research, Inc.
Industry Information Technology
Founded 2001
Headquarters 4922 North Harbor Drive, San Diego, CA 92106
Key people
Richard T. "Chip" Harrison, [[Chief executive officer|CEO]
Tim Murphy, Executive Vice President
Robert Scanlon, Executive Vice President
Joseph Faletti, Chief Scientist
Products Semantica Pro
Semantica Team
Semantica Enterprise

Semantic Research, Inc. (commonly referred to as Semantic Research or Semantic, and not to be confused with Symantec), incorporated in 2001, is a privately held software company headquartered in San Diego, California. The company manufactures and sells software for creating, viewing, storing and sharing of knowledge structures.[1]

Software platform[edit]

The company's software platform, known as Semantica, allows users to perform intelligence analysis, data fusion and visualization of all kinds of information, be it structured, unstructured, temporal, or geospatial. Semantic also provides custom software development and provides applied computer science research[2] for its customers. The company began with software originally developed under the name SemNet.[3][4]

In Semantica, a knowledge structure is an interrelated collection of facts or knowledge about a particular topic. It is composed of entities linked to other entities by labeled bidirectional relationships. An entity may be related to any number of other entities via any number of relationships. In this manner a knowledge structure takes the form of a semantic network. Unstructured documents, such as word processing documents or JPG images, may be incorporated into this structure, just as a file may be attached to an email message; these become special nodes in the network known as attachments.

Knowledge structures may be stored in a file known as a Semantica Archive (or SAR) for single-user access, or they may be stored in a server repository for high-volume concurrent access known as a TripletSphere.


Available for the Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux platforms:

  • Semantica Pro: A desktop application for creating, editing and viewing knowledge structures in TripletSpheres provided by Semantica Enterprise or in SAR files.
  • Semantica Enterprise: Semantica Enterprise is a collaborative multiuser system for modeling, visualizing and analyzing very large amounts of complex information, accessible from a browser or from Semantica Pro.

In addition to providing prepackaged software, Semantic also develops custom software for government customers on a per project basis.

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