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Small Town
Sembanarkoil is located in Tamil Nadu
Sembanarkoil is located in India
Coordinates: 11°02′24″N 79°38′25″E / 11.0400°N 79.6402°E / 11.0400; 79.6402Coordinates: 11°02′24″N 79°38′25″E / 11.0400°N 79.6402°E / 11.0400; 79.6402
Country India
State Tamil Nadu
District Nagapattinam
Population (2011)
 • Total 3,718
Time zone IST (UTC+05:30)
Pincode 609309
Vehicle registration TN-82
Nearest city Mayiladuthurai

Sembanarkoil (formerly Semponnarkoil) is a panchayat town in Tranquebar taluk in Nagapattinam district in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The town is located in the historic Thanjavur area on the banks of the river Cauvery.

Sembanarkoil lies on the shores of the Bay of Bengal between Northern Latitude 10.7906 degrees and 79.8428 Degrees Eastern Longitude. The general geological formation of the district is plain and coastal. The Cauvery and its offshoots are the principal rivers.

The marine land or coastal land has plain lands except for few sand dunes. However, there is a general tilt from coastal line to inland area. The most important feature of the district is the Cauvery River spread over with its numerous branches.

Transport Links[edit]

Sembanarkoil is a well connected with other villages in the taluk, such as Vallam, Arupahty, Melapathy, Tiruchampalli, Kalahasthinapuram, Maharajapuram.

It is nearly 291 km south of Madras and can be reached by trains going via Main line and also through road. From Chennai, it can be reached through the East Coast Road via Pondicherry.


Agriculture is the main activity in this area as this is a cultivation rich land. Rice, cotton, black gram, Bengal gram, coconut, banana, and sugarcane are such main products. Because of its location,it has become important trading and commercial place for many villages around.It is well connected to Thirunallar,Karaikkal,Chidambaram,Mayiladuthurai,Thirukkadaiyur etc.



The average maximum temperature for the district (from 1991 to 1996)as a whole is about 32.460 C and the average minimum temperature is 24.750C.


Dust Storms, whirl winds and dusty winds blow from various quarters towards the end of May. The Southwest wind sets in during April, it is the strongest in June and continues till September. Cyclonic storms with varying wind velocity affects once in 3 or 4 years during the month of November–December. The Northeast monsoon is accompanied by winds which can affect crops, but during Southwest monsoon the air is calm and undisturbed.


The Northeast monsoon, which starts in October and ends in December, contributes about 60% of the total annual rainfall. The Southwest monsoon rains from June to September and from March to May accounts equally for the rest of the annual rainfall. The monthly average rainfall in the district was 108.87 mm in 1991-96.


  • Swarnapurieswarar Templealso known as big temple, is an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. The architecture and the design of this temple also an example of the chola architecture. Surya pooja is famous in this temple. The rays from the sun fall directly on the lord during the days. People from all over south gathered to participate in this pooja.
  • Shanmuga Subramaniaswamy Temple also known as Kumaran koil, is a temple dedicated to Lord Murugan. The Thai poosam festival is famous in this temple. The devotees have the habit of carrying different types of kavadi (Alagu kavadi, Paal kavadi, paneer kavadi, puspa kavadi) during the time of thai poosam. Nadaswaram and Tavil vidwans in and around south India gather here on the Thai Poosam day and dedicate their performance to Lord Murugan.
  • Sengaluneer Vinayagar Temple also known as Kini Pilayar Koil, is a temple dedicated to Lord Ganesh. This temple is famous for the Vinayagar Chaturthi festival. Also every Sangadahara Sathurthi vilaku pooja is famous in this temple.
  • AadhiNarayana Perumal TempleIt is deticated to Lord Vishnu. This temple is famous for Yagadesi festival, during this festival Garuda Vaganam seva is popular. Lord Vishnu came up in the Garuda vagaman for veethi ulla.
  • Vaithyanathaswamy Temple also known as Vaitheeswarankoil is a temple dedicated to Lord Murugan as Selvamuthukumaran Lord Shiva Lord Parvathy as Thayalnayaki Mars - ANGARAKAN. The temple complex houses many astrologers employing a method of fortune telling called NADI Jyothidam.
  • Sri Sakthi Vinayagar Temple - Lord Ganapathy blessing us With Sri Lakshmi.This Temple In Vaikangari Street(Note:-Walk able distance from sembanrkiol Keelamukutu Bud Stand.
  • Amirthavalli sametha Thirukuzhambeeswarar Temple: Just in 3 km from Sembanarkoil situated in Mudikandanallur.
  • Thirupariyalur: one of the 8 (asta veeraettu thalam) temples of God Shiva's Samharam
  • Chellapar temple situated on the way to nalladai, which is considered to be the village boundary God also known as incarnation of sastha, which is the family deity for many of the ancestral families of sembanarkoil.

ஆபத்சயாகேஸ்வரர் திருக்கோவில்,வல்லம்,(செம்பனார்கோவில்) 9442978295


  • C. Manokaran Enterprises, siva vanigavalagam, near malamukutu bus stop, Patanjali products available

C . மனோகரன் என்டர்பிரைசஸ் சிவா வணிக வளாகம் ,மேலமுக்கூட்டு பஸ்ஸ்டாப் அருகில் ,செம்பனார்கோவில்


  • City Union Bank, Sembanarkoil.
  • Mayuram Cooperative Urban Bank Ltd, Sembanarkoil
  • Canara Bank, Keelaiyar
  • Primary Agriculture Cooperative bank, Sembanarkoil.
  • Indian Overseas Bank, Sembanarkoil
  • State Bank of India, Sembanarkoil
  • Indian Bank, Sembanarkoil


  • Axis Bank
  • IOB
  • SBI
  • Indian Bank
  • City Union Bank

Function Halls[edit]

  • SRI EASWARI THIRUMANA MAHAL,1/125,Main Road,Next to SRI Easwari Pathira Vadagai Nilayam,Parasalur,Sembanarkoil. The capacity of this facility is 1000 persons.This facility

is located very conveniently on Mayiladuthurai-Thirukkadaiyur state highway. .

  • P.K.C THIRUMANA MANDABAM , Sathyamoorthi street,sembanarkoil. Parking speclity & The capacity of this facility is 1000 persons.This facility

is located very conveniently on Mayiladuthurai-Thirukkadaiyur state highway. .



  • Kalaimahal College of Education, Sembanarkoil.


  • Sambandam Higher Secondary School, Sembanarkoil.
  • Kalaimahal Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Sembanarkoil.
  • NAPAC Matriculation School, Sembanarkoil.
  • Aided Middle School, Sembanarkoil.
  • Aided Primary School, Sembaanrkoil.
  • Govt Girls Higher Secondary School, Sembanarkoil.
  • Modern Matriculation School, Sembanarkoil.
  • Panchayath union primary school, Sembanarkoil.

Computer Institutions[edit]

  • CSS Computer Education, Sembanarkoil.


Sembai ciragugal, sembanarkoil (support for education) Founder C.Manokaran, Secretary Mano. Sathishkumar M,Sc.DPRE, secretary Mano. Sivakumar B.Tech,MBA
  • Nallathambi pattammal charity, Sembanarkoil.
  • Thirunallar Vattara Kalanjiam, run by people institution, promoted by DHAN Foundation
  • Sembai ciragugal, sembanarkoil (support for education) Founder C.Manokaran, Secretary Mano. Sathishkumar, secretary Mano. Sivakumar

Nearby places[edit]

  • Thalachangadu, 6.4 km
  • Mudikandanallur, 3.0 km
  • Ponsai(Punjai), 3.0 km
  • Vallam (வல்லம்), 3.0 km
  • Thiruchampalli (திருச்சம்பள்ளி), 1 km
  • parasalur 1.0 km
  • Thirukadiyur 11 km
  • Poompuhar 14 km
  • Thrangambadi 19 km
  • Mayiladuthurai 11km