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Semboku 3000 series
Semboku 7000 series

Semboku Rapid Railway (泉北高速鉄道 Semboku Kōsoku Tetsudō?) is owned by the Semboku Rapid Railway Co., Ltd. as a means of transportation for Senboku New Town, and connects Izumi-Chūō Station (和泉中央駅 Izumi-Chūō Eki?) with Nakamozu Station (中百舌鳥駅 Nakamozu Eki?), with through operations to Nankai Electric Railway's Kōya Line up to Namba Station of southern downtown Osaka.


The Nakamozu - Izumigaoka section opened in 1971, dual track 1067mm gauge and electrified at 600 VDC.

In 1973 the voltage was increased to 1500 VDC and the line extended to Toga-Mikita.

The line was extended to Komyoke in 1977, and to Izumi-Chuo in 1995.


Along with services inside the line, through trains to the Nankai Kōya Line beyond Nakamozu to Namba are operated. Two types of rapid services are offered.

Sub-Express (区間急行 Kukan Kyūkō?) (SbE)
Operated only on weekday mornings as through trains to Namba. Operation started on March 29, 1987, to run in the morning to compete the extension of the Midōsuji Line south down to Nakamozu on April 18. Until then SbE had been operated from Kōmyōike to Namba; later, from Izumi-Chūō in the evening. From December 23, 2000 the service in the morning.
Semi-Express (準急 Junkyū?) (SmE)
Operated all day, through to Namba.
Local (各駅停車 Kakueki Teisha?) (L)
Operated from 05:00 to 10:00, and from 16:00 to 00:30, shuttles between Nakamozu and Izumi-Chūō. Near midnight, one train is operated from Izumi-Chūō to Namba.

Rolling stock[edit]

List of stations[edit]

All stations are located in Osaka Prefecture.

  • S: Trains stop.
  • ^: Trains pass. (one directional)
  • See Nankai Koya Line article for the stops of the through trains to Namba between Namba and Nakanozu.
Number Station Distance  L  SmE SbE Connections Location
Through operation Namba
SB01 Nakamozu 0.0 S S ^ Kita-ku Sakai
SB02 Fukai 3.7 S S S   Naka-ku
SB03 Izumigaoka 7.8 S S S   Minami-ku
SB04 Toga-Mikita 10.2 S S S  
SB05 Kōmyōike 12.1 S S S  
SB06 Izumi-Chūō 14.3 S S S   Izumi


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