Semenic-Caraș Gorge National Park

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Semenic-Caraș Gorge National Park
Parcul Național Semenic-Cheile Carașului
Semenic Mountains
Map showing the location of Semenic-Caraș Gorge National Park
Map showing the location of Semenic-Caraș Gorge National Park
Location within Romania
LocationActual Caras-Severin county CoA.pngCaraş-Severin County
Nearest cityAnina
Coordinates45°08′31″N 21°58′37″E / 45.142°N 21.977°E / 45.142; 21.977Coordinates: 45°08′31″N 21°58′37″E / 45.142°N 21.977°E / 45.142; 21.977[1]
Area35,664.80 hectares (88,129.6 acres)
Website(in Romanian)

The Semenic-Caraș Gorge National Park (Romanian: Parcul Naţional Semenic-Cheile Caraşului) is a protected area (national park category II IUCN) situated in southwest Romania, in Caraş-Severin County.[2]


The Natural Park is located in Anina Mountains and Semenic (groups mountain included in Banat Mountains), in the southwestern's part of the country, in the middle of Caraș-Severin county.


Semenic-Caraș Gorge National Park with an area of 35,664.80 ha[3] was declared protected area by the Law Number 5 of March 06, 2000 (published in Romania Official Paper Number 152 on April 12, 2000)[4] and represents a mountainous area (canyons, caves, pit caves, sinkholes, ridges, valleys, pasture, forests) that shelters a large variety of flora and fauna, some endemic species (the Semenic flower, Anntenaria dioica) or very rare species.

Protected areas included in the park: Caraș Gorge (2988.67 ha), Groposu (883,60 ha), Bârzavița (3.406,90 ha), Buhui-Mărgitaș (979 ha), Gârliște Gorge(582.18 ha), Caraș Springs (1384.06 ha), Nera Springs (5012.32 ha), Buhui Cave (217.64 ha), Comarnic Cave (26.9 ha), Popovăț Cave(4.5 ha) and Răsuflătoarei Cave (1,10 ha).[5]

The park contains one of the largest areas of virgin beech forests in Europe in Izvoarele Nerei reserve.



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