Semiahmoo Harbor Light

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Semiahmoo Harbor Light
Semiahoo Harbor Light 1943.jpg
Semiahoo Harbor Light (USCG/1943)
Semiahmoo Harbor Light is located in Washington (state)
Semiahmoo Harbor Light
LocationBlaine, Washington
Coordinates48°59′32″N 122°47′03″W / 48.99219°N 122.78406°W / 48.99219; -122.78406Coordinates: 48°59′32″N 122°47′03″W / 48.99219°N 122.78406°W / 48.99219; -122.78406
Year first constructed1905
Year first lit1905
Tower shapeOctagonal
Original lensFourth order Fresnel lens
Characteristicoriginally Fixed red
now Fl R 6s. R4.

The Semiahmoo Harbor Lighthouse was a lighthouse on Semiahmoo (/ˌsɛmiˈɑːm/ SEM-ee-AH-moh) Bay near the port of Blaine, Whatcom County, Washington, in the United States.[1]


The station consisted of a 1½-story dwelling built on a platform supported by wooden piles, with a lantern at the center of its peaked roof.[1] It was constructed in 1905, using the same design by U.S. Lighthouse Board Architect Carl Leick used at the Desdemona Sands Lighthouse at the mouth of the Columbia River.[2][3] The light was deactivated and the entire structure torn down in 1944.[2][4][5]


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