List of semiaquatic organisms

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This is a list of organisms that spend part of their life cycle or of which part of their anatomy is underwater.


Semiaquatic plants are those whose roots are wholly or partly underwater.

  • Mangroves, a type of woody tree or shrub growing in the mangal habitat, consisting of more than 50 species across 17 plant families
  • Members of the plant genus Taxodium (Plantae:Pinophyta:Pinopsida...)
  • Members of the plant subclass Alismatidae (Plantae: Magnoliophyta: Liliopsida: Alismatidae)


Semiaquatic animals are those that are primarily terrestrial but that spend a large amount of time underwater, either as part of their life cycle or as an essential behavior (e.g. feeding). Some marine mammals, such the marine otter, the polar bear and pinnipeds, are semiaquatic, while others, such as the sea otter, cetaceans and sirenians, are fully aquatic.






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