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Semnan University
دانشگاه سمنان
PresidentAssoc. Masoud Nasiri Zarandi
Academic staff
Location, ,
35°36′02″N 53°26′12″E / 35.60056°N 53.43667°E / 35.60056; 53.43667Coordinates: 35°36′02″N 53°26′12″E / 35.60056°N 53.43667°E / 35.60056; 53.43667
Athletics7 teams
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Main gate

Semnan University is a university in Semnan, Iran, about 240 km east of Tehran. The university has over 15,000 students, 60 undergraduate programs, 95 MSc programs, and 55 PhD programs. It has 25 faculties, 2 colleges, 2 institutes, 9 research groups, one Science and Technology Park, and one Advanced Technologies Incubator Centre.[1]

Semnan University has four campuses:

  • Technical campus
  • Basic Sciences campus
  • Human Sciences campus
  • New Science and Technology campus


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The initial nucleus of Semnan University was formed in 1975 with the establishment of Semnan Higher Education Center. It launched its activities with 580 students to study in seven programs (Associate’s Degree) with an area of 5000 square meters.

After the victory of the Islamic Revolution, extensive as well as fundamental changes were implemented at the Center at large. In 1989 Semnan Higher Education Center started its work under new title of Semnan Higher Education Complex while it enhanced its Electronic & Civil programs to a Bachelor level. Finally, with opening of the faculty of engineering, faculty of teacher training and faculty of veterinary medicine, Semnan Higher Education Complex changed its status to Semnan University in 1994.

Presently, Semnan University has over 15,000 students who study in 60 programs leading to the Bachelor’s degree (B.S.), 95 programs leading to the Master’s degree (MSc.), and 55 PhD programs. At present there are 25 faculties, 2 colleges, 2 institutes, 9 research groups, one Science and Technology Park, one Advanced Technologies Incubator Center. Semnan University has so expanded to include four campuses:

1. Technical campus

2. Basic Sciences campus

3. Human Sciences campus

4. New Science and Technology campus The university has 320 fulltime academic members. It is situated in the Northeast part of the Semnan city with an area of 800 hectares. Libraries, computer centers, sports halls, restaurants, coffee shop and several dormitories are other facilities of the university. Since Semnan University is relatively young and newly established it is still under expansion and construction.

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