Sena II of Anuradhapura

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Sena II
King of Anuradhapura
Reign866 - 901
PredecessorSena I
SuccessorUdaya I
IssueKassapa IV
DynastyHouse of Lambakanna II

Sena II was King of Anuradhapura in the 9th century, whose reign lasted from 866 to 901. He succeeded his uncle Sena I as King of Anuradhapura and was succeeded by his brother Udaya I.

The lost treasures during Sena I's reign to Pandyan invaders were restored by King Sena II. He readied a large army for retribution from Pandyas (Tamils) when a disappointed prince from Pandyan dynasty sought his help.

Sena II sent a large force under his Commander to besiege Madura, capture it and install the Pandyan prince on the throne. Madura was duly besieged, stormed and captured with the reigning Pandyan king killed.[citation needed] The Commander recovered all the treasures lost from Sri Lanka and returned to a hero's welcome.

The Army had brought a heresy from India called 'Neelapata Darshanaya'. However, this did not take root.

King Sena II secured the country against another Tamil invasion. He restored and built new tanks, revived Buddhist festivals and repaired Temples and made liberal offerings to them.

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Sena II of Anuradhapura
Born: ? ? Died: ? ?
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Sena I
King of Anuradhapura
Succeeded by
Udaya I