Senani Ponnamperuma

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Senani Ponnamperuma
Born (1950-09-27) September 27, 1950 (age 64)
Wadduwa, Sri Lanka
Occupation Author, IT Specialist
Language English
Ethnicity Sri Lanka
Citizenship Australia
Education St. Aloysius' College (Galle)
St Benedict's College Colombo
Brent School Baguio
Alma mater University of Oregon

Senani Ponnamperuma is an Australian author and IT Specialist of Sri Lankan descent. He is the author of the self-published books 'The Story of Sigiriya' and 'Sigiriya The Real Story'.[1] He is also the creator of Trishan's OZ, an award winning[2][3] website about Australia.


Senani Ponnamperuma was born on September 27, 1950, in Wadduwa, Sri Lanka. He is the son of Dr. Felix (FN) Ponnamperuma[4] the eminent pedologist (Soil Scientist) at the International Rice Research Institute.

Ponnamperuma was appointed Chief Information Officer at Payless Supermarkets. While at Payless, Ponnamperuma was one of the first to implement barcode scanning technology in Australian supermarkets.[5]


Ponnamperuma is the author of 'The Story of Sigiriya' and ‘Sigiriya: The Real Story’ which are historical accounts of Sigiriya (one of the three great cities of antiquity in Sri Lanka's Cultural Triangle). This book has received critical acclaim.[1][6][7]

Web Designer[edit]

Trishan’s OZ a website about Australia, was created by Ponnamperuma,[8] for his son. It presented Australia from the view point of an eleven-year-old Australian child. This site soon became the premier site showcasing Australia and received over 1.6 million visits between 1997-2001. Trishan’s Oz was referenced by other sites.[9][10]

Website awards[edit]




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