Send No Flowers

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Send No Flowers
Origin United Kingdom
Genres Grunge, rock, alternative rock
Years active 1994–1996
Labels East West Records
Members Matt Bradbury
Thomas Broman
Dom Gearon
Scott Leach
Steve Rendell
Past members Abe Mohsin
Mike Swaine

Send No Flowers (also sometimes written 'Send NØ Flowers') was a British rock band who signed to the East West Records label in 1994, and released their EP Monotony in 1995. In 1996 the band released their debut album Juice, which was produced by Paul Johnson (on the tracks "Sepia" and "Porcelain") and Sank (on all other tracks). Juice received rave reviews from the press, but didn't reach the commercial success it deserved. Consequently their label dropped them. Shortly afterwards the band changed its name to Shineola, but met with limited success and soon split.

Gearon, Leach and Rendell re-appeared in pub cover band 'Cypher' but have recently called time on this project as well. Broman re-appeared for a time in 1999 as the drummer in Silver Ginger 5, a solo project by Wildhearts front-man Ginger.


Send No Flowers debuted as Agent Orange in Plymouth, England in 1992. Later that year they all relocated to a ramshackle farmhouse on the outskirts of Bristol and in 1994 signed a record deal with the major label East West Records . The band toured with many acts including the Wildhearts, Headswim, Clawfinger, Skid Row.[1] Candlebox, Feeder, Apes Pigs and Spaceman, and played many Festivals including Rock Am Ring, Strange Noise and Phoenix.

Their original drummer, Abe Mohsin, was the determining factor for them receiving their record deal, as he introduced them to an old school friend of his, David Futcher, whom at the time worked for the Phonogram record label. Futcher passed on their demo tape 'Uncontrolled' to his colleagues Dave Thorne and Geoff Gillespie (both A&R men at the label). Thorne soon left Phonogram to set up Solid Rock Management and agreed to manage and nurture Agent Orange (then a 4 piece named 'Type' with bass player Gearon on lead vocals) as well as Swedish Rock outfit 'Electric Boys'. Thorne subsequently got them their deal after they recruited singer Matt Bradbury, via a series of showcases for major labels.

In 1995, Agent Orange changed their name to "Send No Flowers" (a U.S. band called Agent Orange had been using the name for some time).

Band members[edit]

  • Matt Bradbury - vocals
  • Tomas Broman - drums
  • Dom Gearon - bass
  • Scott Leach - guitars
  • Steve Rendell - guitars


Send No Flowers

  • Monotony EP (1995)
  • Juice (1996)
  • Downfall EP (1996)
  • Bitter Taste EP (1996)


  • Strung out / Less

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