Sendai Girls' Pro Wrestling

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SENDAI Girls' Pro Wrestling
Acronym Senjo
Founded 2005
Headquarters Japan
Founder(s) Meiko Satomura, Jinsei Shinzaki

Sendai Girls' Pro Wrestling (センダイガールズプロレスリング Sendai Gāruzu Puroresuringu?), often called Senjo (仙女 Senjo?), is a Japanese women's professional wrestling promotion. It is based in the city of Sendai, Miyagi in the Tohoku region.


Sendai Girls' Pro Wrestling was founded in 2005 by Meiko Satomura, a female professional wrestler who achieved success in the 2000s with the women's promotion Gaea Japan, and Jinsei Shinzaki, a male professional wrestler who is also the president of Michinoku Pro Wrestling.[1]

As the only experienced wrestler on the initial roster, Satomura served as the trainer and booker in addition to her duties as a wrestler. On July 9, 2006 the new promotion held its first show in front of 2498 fans at Sendai's Sun Plaza.[2] This show consisted of Senjo's first four wrestlers making their debuts in singles matches against four legends of joshi puroresu. The main event featured Satomura against Aja Kong, whom she has feuded with throughout her career. Due to the small size of the roster, most of Senjo's subsequent shows have featured the Sendai girls facing wrestlers from other promotions.[2]



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