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Origin Wales
Genres experimental rock, progressive rock, psychedelic rock, space rock, ambient
Years active 2006 - present
Labels FRG Records, RAIG Records, TidyLike Records, Fruits De Mer Records, Vincebus Eruptum Records, Sunhair Records, Harmacy Records.
Associated acts Kald, The Surf Messengers, Nik Turner's Fantastic All Stars, Psylab, The Grand Astoria, The Re-Stoned.
Past members Chris Gibbs, Roger Morgan, Sarah E, Colin Consterdine, Paul Fields, Geoff Chase, Ed "Vizzie" Guild, Nick Danger, Jack Jackson, Dennis Antonov, Kamille Sharapodinov, Jim Barber, Lord Armstrong Of Sealand, Meurig Griffiths.

Sendelica is a psychedelic rock group from West Wales currently composed of Pete Bingham (guitars and electronics), Glenda Pescado (bass guitar), Lee Relfe (saxophones) with the addition of Joe Caswell (drums and percussion) and Gavin Lloyd Wilson (guitar, bass guitar). The band have also collaborated with various musicians, artists, film makers and performers over the years and, although primarily an instrumental group, with a number of vocalists as well.

Sendelica conspicuously wear their influences on their sleeves and their music has been described as blending "the hypnotic pulse of Can, the impressionistic atmospherics of Pink Floyd, the motorized proto-punk of Neu, the space patrolling guitar pyrotechnics of Jimi Hendrix and the otherworldly ambiences of The Orb."[1] They are also known for drawing inspiration from the local landscapes of Cardigan Bay and the Preseli Mountains and the rich, ancient heritage of the region.

The group’s first EP, TheOwlsHaveEyes, was released in July 2006 on their own FRG Records, with additional vocals by Chris Gibbs and keyboards by Roger Morgan. Over the following years they have prolifically released CD, vinyl and, more recently, cassette albums on various record labels.

As well as their many studio releases the band also tours regularly and has produced several live albums.


Studio albums[edit]

  • Entering The Rainbow Light (2006, FRG Records; very limited edition CD)
    • Anniversary CD reissue (2016, FRG Records)
  • Sleepwalker Fever (2007, TidyLike Records CD)
    • CD and vinyl "Picture Disc" reissue (2017, FRG Records)
    • Cassette edition (2017, Harmony Records)
  • Spaceman Bubblegum and Other Weird Tales From the Mercury Mind (January 2007, RAIG Records CD)
  • The Alternative Realities of the Re-Awakening Somnambulist (2008, TidyLike Records CD)
  • The Girl From the Future Who Lit Up the Sky With Golden Worlds (2009, RAIG Records CD)
  • Transglobal Underground (2009 TidyLike Records CD)
  • Streamedelica She Sighed As She Hit Rewind On the Dream Mangler Remote (2010, RAIG Records CD)
  • The Pavilion of Magic and the Trials of the Seven Surviving Elohim (2011, FRG Records CD)
    • CD and vinyl reissue (2016, Sunhair Records)
    • Cassette edition (2016, Harmacy Records)
  • The Satori In Elegance of the Majestic Stonegazer (11 June 2012, FRG Records CD)
    • Vinyl issue (15 March 2013, Vincebus Eruptum Records)
    • Vinyl reissue (2016, Vincebus Eruptum Records)
  • Strangefishone (with Craig Padilla) (25 April 2013 limited edition split vinyl LP on Fruits de Mer)
  • The Kaleidoscopic Kat and It's Autoscopic Ego (14 July 2013, FRG Records CD) (The grammatical error is in the original.)
    • Vinyl issue (6 September 2013, Vincebus Eruptum Records)
    • Vinyl reissue (2016, Vincebus Eruptum Records)
  • The Megaliths Vol 1 and Vol 2 (November 2013 2x CD issue on FRG Records limited edition of 200 copies and very limited edition box set of 25 copies)
  • The Fabled Voyages of the Sendelicans (2014, Vincebus Eruptum Records Vinyl)
  • The Fabled Voyages of the Sendelicans (2014, FRG Records CD)
  • Anima Mundi (2015, FRG Records Vinyl/CD)
  • Psychedelic Battles Volume 1 - Sendelica vs Da Captain Trips (2015, Vincebus Eruptum Records split vinyl issue)
  • Psychedelic Battles Volume 1 - Sendelica vs Da Captain Trips (2015, FRG split CD issue)
  • I Feel Love - Sidesteps (with Julie's Haircut) (2015, Fruits De Mer split vinyl issued as part of "Side Effects" box set)
  • I'll Walk With the Stars for You (2016, Vincebus Eruptum Records Vinyl/CD)
  • The Cromlech Chronicles (May 2016, Regal Crabomophone Vinyl)
  • The Cromlech Chronicles (2016, FRG CD)
  • Lilacs Out Of The Deadlands (April 2017, Sunhair Records Vinyl/CD)


  • TheOwlsHaveEyes (July 2006, FRG Records CD)
  • Live In London (2013, Split 7" Fruits De Mer Club Members Only)
  • 12 Shades (2016, Friends Of The Fish one sided limited 12" Vinyl)


  • A Nice Pear (2010, Fruits de Mer 7" Vinyl), featuring "Venus in Furs" & "Maggot Brain"
  • Hard Coming Love/Love Song For The Dead Che (2014, Fruits De Mer 7" Vinyl)
  • Ziggy Stardust (2016, Fruits De Mer 7" Vinyl)
  • Nite Flights (2016, Fruits De Mer 7" Vinyl)
  • Zappa (with Superfjord) (2017, Fruits De Mer Split 7" Vinyl)

Live albums[edit]

  • Live at Knitting Factory, New York 2008 (2008, No Label CD)
  • Strangers In A Strange Land (2011, No Label CD)
  • Live At Kozfest, July 2012 (2012, No Label CD)
  • Live At Crabstock (2014, Friends Of The Fish Records Vinyl/CD)
  • Sendelica Acoustica - Live At '13th Dream Of Dr. Sardonicus' (2015, Friends Of The Fish Records 10" Vinyl/CD issued mini album)
  • Live From The 7th Psychedelic Network Festival (2015, Sunhair Records Vinyl/CD)
  • Live At Immerhin (2016, Sunhair Records Vinyl/CD)
  • 10th Anniversary Tour 2016 (2016, Friends Of The Fish Records 2x CD and Bonus DVD)
  • Live At The 14th Dream Festival - Sendelica Drone Band (2017, Friends Of The Fish Vinyl)
  • Live In Berlin (2017, FRG Records CD)

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