Senewosret-Ankh (vizier)

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Stele Senusretankh Florence.JPG
Stele for Senewosret-Ankh in the National Archaeological Museum (Florence).[1]
Dynasty 12th-13th dynasty
Pharaoh probably Amenemhat III[1] and later
Wife Henutsen
Children Zatamun

Senewosret-Ankh was an Ancient Egyptian vizier of the Middle Kingdom, dating to the end of the Twelfth or to the beginning of the Thirteenth Dynasty, around 1800 BC. He is known from a number of sources making it possible to reconstruct his career. He started as 'personal scribe of the king's document and was appointed from there to the overseer of fields. From this position he was most likely appointed to the position of the vizier. As vizier he is known from a statue found at Ugarit. The statue shows him and his wife Henutsen as well as his daughter Zatamun. The statue also mentioned that to him was given the gold of praise in front of all courtiers. It remains unknown for what reason he received that honour. A stela now in Florence is dedicated to Senewosret-Ankh by his steward Keki, one of the administrators of Senewosret-Ankh's estates.



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