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Main gate (seen from the inside)
47 ronin graves

Sengaku-ji (泉岳寺?) is a Sōtō Zen Buddhist temple located in the Takanawa neighborhood of Minato-ku, near Sengakuji Station and Shinagawa Station, Tokyo, Japan. Each year on December 14, Sengakuji Temple holds a festival commemorating the 47-Ronin event (the most famous example of the samurai code of honor courage, and loyalty—bushido—as the country's "national legend").

The graves of Asano Takumi no Kami Naganori and the Forty-seven Ronin are there. This is where these rōnin of the true story that became the Kabuki epic Chūshingura committed ritual suicide after avenging their master's death. Their graves are a popular site of pilgrimage to this day

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