Sengiley Mountains

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Sengiley mountains
National parks of Russia
Country Russia
Oblast Ulyanovsk
District Sengileevsk region
Coordinates 53°59′48″N 48°37′52″E / 53.9966666767°N 48.6311111211°E / 53.9966666767; 48.6311111211Coordinates: 53°59′48″N 48°37′52″E / 53.9966666767°N 48.6311111211°E / 53.9966666767; 48.6311111211
Area 5 km2 (2 sq mi)
Biomes wood cultures (19.4%), natural plantings (80%)
Geology Water area Kujbyshev of a water basin, wood coastal strips up to 200 m, a pond in a valley of the river Smorodinki
Plant steppe " berry slopes "
Animal rare kinds of animals
National park of Russia 2001
IUCN category II - National Park
Sengiley Mountains is located in Ulyanovsk Oblast
Sengiley Mountains
Location in Ulyanovsk Oblast

Sengiley mountains (Russian: Сенгиле́евские го́ры) is a national park of Russia (Protected areas of Ulyanovsk Oblast).

Basic special features[edit]

They predominate among the representatives of forest: birch, pine tree, oak. In the centre of park - basic place of accumulation and distribution of the underground waters, actively utilised by a surrounding population. The rare forms of animals dwell. Splendid on the beauty landscapes. In the territory is forbidden felling forest, besides sanitary. Researching and scientific work is not conducing.

The bases for creation of PA and its importance[edit]

The Picturesque large forest on coast Kuibyshev of a water basin Preservation and restoration of the broken natural and historical and cultural complexes and objects in this unique natural territory. The developing category of PA created for preservation of environment, a specific and landscape variety, the organization of recreational use of conditions, ecological education, scientific researches and monitoring.