Sengkang Sculpture Park

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Coordinates: 1°23′41.79″N 103°53′47.43″E / 1.3949417°N 103.8965083°E / 1.3949417; 103.8965083

Sengkang Sculpture Park

Sengkang Sculpture Park (Chinese: 盛港雕塑公园) is a park located in the Compassvale North Gate neighbourhood in Sengkang New Town in Singapore.

The park evolved from Sengkang's "fishing village / marine" theme and design brief which called for the introduction of "Arts in the Park". The 24,000-square metre park is divided into two parts (one bigger and the other smaller). The two parts straddle over Compassvale Street. Since the park is bounded overhead by LRT viaducts and underground by MRT tunnels, adhering to the LTA's Railway Protection requirements during both design and construction stages was a challenge.[1]

The sculpture park is specially designed to allow for greater opportunity for the park user to interact with the sculptures and spaces created. This would in turn create a personal experience for the individual park user, both young and old.


Rotating Fish Motiff Panels

The main entrances of the park are sited along Compassvale Street. Bright yellow tapering walls channel the park user into a "larger than life size" sculptural playground. These tapering walls, which act as visual markers to the park, eventually terminate at activity areas as seats.[2]

Some sculptures such as the large "Rotating Fish Motiff Panels" were designed to be moveable so as to allow the park user to manipulate the sculptures to a desired composition.


The "Waves" sculptures, which recollect Sengkang's "fishing village / marine" theme, are a metaphor of the waves of the sea. Sited on an undulating surface of "calm" carpet grass, one can stroll within the "waves" which dynamically change in form from every angle.[3]


Colourful textured "Bubbles" ball sculptures are also sited within the park. These sculptures were designed as playful visual treats and at the same time, allowing the park user to interact with them by climbing, sitting or simply lazing around them.

The park culminates in front of the outdoor refreshment area of the neighbourhood centre with a cascading plaza.

Standing on elevated platforms, the seven "Dancing figurines" stand harmoniously in line, almost as if ready to explode into action. The brightly coloured yellow blades spin in the wind, injecting life and energy into these "dancers".

The smaller part of the park across the road is more subtle and predictable in its sculptural composition. Designed for more passive interaction, the "Wind" sculptures flank both sides of the linear site with colourful rotating perforated panels which spin in the wind.


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