Senior Advisor to the President of the United States

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Senior Advisor
Executive Office of the President
Formation January 21, 2001
First holder Karl Rove
Succession None
Website The White House

Senior Advisor is a title used within the Executive Branch of the United States Government for various positions. In the Executive Office of the President of the United States, the title has been used in two different capacities. In the George W. Bush administration, it was a formal position, first held by Karl Rove and then by Barry Steven Jackson, in the Office of the Senior Advisor to the President.


Over time, the Senior Advisor role has had responsibility for the following groups:

Prior administrations[edit]

In prior administrations, the position of "senior advisor" was a title used for various other purposes. Numerous examples of the position also exist throughout the Executive Departments and in the branch's independent agencies. For example, the FDA includes a position called the Senior Advisor for Science. The Department of the Interior includes, for example, a Senior Advisor for Alaskan Affairs.

List of Senior Advisors to the President[edit]

The following is a complete list of people who have held the Senior Advisor role since its inception:

Picture Name State of residence Term start Term end Duties President
Karl Rove Karl Rove[1] Texas January 21, 2001 August 31, 2007 Strategic Planning,
Political Affairs,
George W. Bush
Barry Steven Jackson Barry Steven Jackson


Ohio September 1, 2007 January 19, 2009 Strategic Planning,
Political Affairs,
Valerie Jarrett official portrait small.jpg Valerie Jarrett[3] Illinois January 20, 2009 present Public Engagement,
Intergovernmental Affairs
Barack Obama
Pete Rouse in the Oval Office.jpg Pete Rouse[4] South Dakota January 20, 2009 October 1, 2010 Strategic Planning
David Axelrod.jpg David Axelrod[5] Illinois January 20, 2009 January 10, 2011 Political Affairs,
David Plouffe.jpg David Plouffe[6] Delaware January 10, 2011 January 25, 2013 Political Affairs,
Daniel Pfeiffer.jpg Daniel Pfeiffer[7] Delaware January 25, 2013 March 6, 2015 Communications
Brian Deese official portrait.jpg Brian Deese Massachusetts February 13, 2015 present Climate and Energy
Shailagh Murray[8] Virginia April 3, 2015 present Communications

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