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A senior aircraftman reservist.

Senior aircraftman (SAC) or senior aircraftwoman (SACW)[1][2][3] is a rank in the Royal Air Force, ranking between leading aircraftman and senior aircraftman technician (SAC(T)) (although SACs in non-technical trades progress directly to corporal) and having a NATO rank code of OR-2. The rank, which is non-supervisory, was introduced on 1 January 1951. The rank badge is a three-bladed propeller.

Rank insignia[edit]

The senior aircraftman rank badge is a three-bladed propeller and it is worn of the shoulder when in working dress and on the upper sleeve in service dress.

Rank badge of a Royal Air Force senior aircraftman
RAF senior aircraftman rank insignia as it appears on dress uniform

Senior aircraftman (technician)[edit]

From March 2005, SACs in technical trades who had attained the Operational Performance Standard were promoted to Senior aircraftman technician SAC Tech and given a new badge of rank, consisting of the three-bladed propeller inside a circle. This new rank was introduced, to distinguish airmen trained to work unsupervised from those who were not, and is equivalent to the old junior technician rank.[citation needed]


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