Senkō-ji (Onomichi)

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Senkoji Onomichi16s3872.jpg
Senkō-ji stone buddhas.
Stone buddhas beside main temple complex.

Senkō-ji (千光寺) is a historic Japanese temple in Senko-ji Park in Onomichi, Hiroshima, Japan.


Senkō-ji was founded in the year 806, the 1st year of the Daidō era.

Senkō-ji is the 10th site of the Chūgoku 33 Kannon Pilgrimage.

From Senkō-ji, visitors can view the downtown of Onomichi and the Seto Inland Sea.

There is a Bungaku no komichi (文学のこみち(Path of Literature)) about 25 authors related to Onomichi, including Shiga Naoya and Fumiko Hayashi.

The temple was featured as major landmark in the video game, Yakuza 6: The Song of Life.

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