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Senna Hegde
OccupationFilm director, screenwriter
Years active2016-present

Senna Hegde is an Indian film director and screenwriter who works in Kannada cinema. His debut film was the 2016 docudrama 0-41*. He is working on his second film, Katheyondu Shuruvagide.[1]


Hegde was born to an upper middle class Kannadiga family.[2][3] He grew up in the somnolent town of Kanhangad, in northern Kerala, where he watched many Malayalam-language films.[2] He graduated with a master's degree in information technology from Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, and went on to work as a business analyst in the United States for four years. Then he moved to the Gulf Cooperation Council, where for the next eight years he worked for various international advertising agencies, telling stories in 30-second spots. He returned to India in 2014.[2][3]

Hegde worked on Rakshit Shetty's script team for his 2014 film Ulidavaru Kandanthe.[4] Back in his hometown, Hegde turned his hand to making his own films. He wrote the script for his debut feature film, 0-41*, in three days.[5] A docudrama set in Kanhangad, it follows the lives of players on two rival volleyball teams.[6] With a budget of 7 lakh (US$10,000), a crew of four, and a Canon 5D Mark III, he shot the 91-minute film over nine days. The six-member cast were not professional actors, which gave their performance what Anurag Kashyap described as an "innocence".[3][5] The film made its world premiere at the 11th 'Cinema on the Bayou' film festival in Lafayette, Louisiana on 26 January 2016.[3][6] It has played at other festivals, but has not been released commercially.[2][3]

Hegde is working on a second film, Katheyondu Shuruvagide, a Kannada-language romantic comedy starring Diganth and Pooja Devariya,[5][7] with Ashwin Rao Pallaki and Shreya Anchan in supporting roles.[8]


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