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English: Senningen;
Armenian: Սեննինգեն
Country  Luxembourg
Commune Niederanven
 • Type Community Council
Population (2005)
 • Total 370
Time zone GMT+1 (UTC+1)
Postcode L 6961

Senningen (Luxembourgish: Senneng, English: Sennengen, Armenian: Սեննինգեն) is a small town in the commune of Niederanven, in central Luxembourg. As of 2005, the town has a population of 370. It is a typical Lougxembourgish suburb residential town with highly developed infrastructures.


Senningen's rich history is a mixture of medieval events, wars, occupants, and modern freedom, the living witness of which is the Senningen Castle (French: Château de Senningen). In the 17th century Alexandre Wiltheim, from one of Luxembourg's most notable families, operated watermills for flour and for oil on the site. They were driven by the fast-flowing Senninger Brook. During the 18th century, under the ownership of the French immigrant Pierre Bourgeois, the facilities were converted into a paper mill. After a fire in 1750, the mill was renovated and a residence was constructed nearby. Paper production reached its height in the middle of the 19th century when Jacques Lamort managed the mill. However, as a result of economic problems, the mill was finally closed in 1882. The same year, the site was bought by Ernest Derveaux who demolished the mill and transformed the owner's residence into the castle with neo-gothic wings which stands there today. Derveaux also added a lake with a fountain and laid out the surrounding park with ornamental plants and trees.

From 1940 to 1944, the Nazis used the castle as a convalescent home for artists. In 1952, the Luxembourg army used it for one of its battalions until 1968 when the State converted into a telecommunications centre. It was later converted into a conference centre with a press room and cabins for interpreters. It proved especially useful for meetings arranged during Luxembourg's two presidencies of the European Union in the 1990s. Additional renovation work was completed in 2004.


Senningen has a highly developed transport infrastructure which connects the town with other towns of Niederanven as well as Luxembourg City.

Its close proximity to Luxembourg Airport allows its residents to have easy access to usage of international buses which connect Senningen with Belgium, France and Germany.

Luxembourg Airport[edit]

Senningen is within a close distance with Luxembourg Findel Airport, which handles over 2 million passengers per year, being the only Airport in the world with paved runway.


Senningen is mainly populated by an ethnic Luxembourgish community and is home to Luxembourg's Armenian community with at least 15% of the town being populated by Armenians.


Although Senningen is a small residential town, it is accommodated with Restaurants, Complexes, Shops, Lounge Bars and a communal swimming pool with traditional saunas commonly used by residents of Niederanven Commune in general. Niederanven is accommodated with a modern supermarket which allows the residents of its commune to enjoy a hassle-free one stop shopping of all goods. It also has Asian, Italian cuisines, gyms, etc.

Historic Events[edit]

On May 24, 2007 Senningen hosted Russia's President Vladimir Putin and Luxembourg's Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker on an official meeting at the Senningen Castle.