Sennoy Bridge

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Hay Bridge
Сенной мост
Sennoy Bridge (img1).jpg
Carries pedestrian
Crosses Griboedov Canal
Locale Saint Petersburg
Design Arch Bridge
Total length 23 m
Width 2.3 m
Opened 1931 (wooden), 1952

The Hay Bridge (Russian: Сенной мост) is a bridge across the Griboedov Canal in Saint Petersburg, Russia.


The bridge gets its name from the nearby Sennaya Square.

It was first built in 1931 as a single-span pedestrian bridge carrying heating pipes. In 1952, the main span was in need of emergency repair, and the bridge was fully rebuilt by the project of engineer P.B. Bazhenov as an elegant steel structure with cast iron railings.[1]



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Coordinates: 59°55′36″N 30°18′55″E / 59.9265333433°N 30.3151527878°E / 59.9265333433; 30.3151527878