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SensMe Logo
Screenshot of SensMe on Media Go
Screenshot of SensMe on Media Go
Developer(s) Sony Corporation
Platform Sony Walkman MP3/4 players
Sony Ericsson
Media Go
PlayStation Portable
Type Mood detection software for music data.
License Proprietary

SensMe™ is a proprietary music mood and tempo detection system created by Sony Corporation, and employed in numerous Sony branded products, most notably the Walkman MP3/MP4 players (E [1] and S series[2]), Media Go, PlayStation Portable, and Sony Ericsson phone series.

Technical specifications[edit]

SensMe works by mapping music to a dual axis map based on the mood and tempo of music tracks.[3] Mood and tempo is determined by using the appropriate Sony compatible software which analyzes music tracks individually and computes the relevant track information. Analyzed tracks can then be plotted onto an intuitive dual axis map through which the music library on the device can be navigated, and playlists can be generated based on relative speed and mood. The horizontal axis is based on mood and the vertical axis is based on tempo.

PlayStation Portable[edit]

SensMe was made available on the PlayStation Portable as of system software version 6.10.[4] It can be downloaded via the XMB or by using a computer.[5] The application features twelve channels by which music is categorized. These include Favorites, Newly Added, Dance, Extreme, Lounge, Emotional, Mellow, Upbeat, Relax, Energetic, Morning/Day/Night/Midnight, and Shuffle All.

PlayStation Portable Version History[edit]

Release date (UTC)
March 31, 2010
  • Music tracks transferred using a PlayStation 3 system or music management application other than Media Go are now also categorized into channels.
  • Users can now add music tracks to a block list so they do not play.
  • Users can now activate or deactivate the [Dynamic Normalizer] feature.
October 22, 2009
  • Descriptions of some menu items in some languages have been revised.
October 1, 2009
  • Initial release.

SensMe compatible products[edit]

Screenshot of SensMe on a Sony Ericsson

Sony Ericsson handsets[edit]

Sony handsets[edit]