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Sentimentalist Magazine is an American magazine of indie rock music and culture, published quarterly.

Launched in New York City in 2001 as The Sentimentalist, it changed its title to The Sentimentalist Magazine with Issue 14, and then dropped the definite article from Issue 16. As of January 2008, the magazine has been relaunched as an online only publication. It continues to publish "magazine covers" with each monthly online issue.

Sentimentalist Magazine was started as an indie music and culture print magazine to scratch deep beneath the surface and seek out the best in emerging music, culture and media entertainment. Voted as PLUG Awards nominee in the Media (obsessive) category "Zine of the Year" in 2007 and again in 2008, subjects range from undiscovered bands and talent to the brightest and best. As of Jan. 2008, Sentimentalist Magazine was relaunched as an online-only magazine, giving its readers an expanded, constantly updated version of the original magazine, in a fresh web format. Sentimentalist Magazine continues to be a compelling option to the more corporate music magazines, blogs and sites in the market, constantly discovering and investigating the freshest new bands and entertainment.

This online music/culture magazine specializes in providing reviews and interviews of emerging bands right alongside well-known acts. The magazine's mission is to give indie bands from around the world the exposure they might not have otherwise encountered. Sentimentalist Magazine‍ '​s editors are Madeline Virbasius-Walsh, Chris David and Carrie Alison.

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