Sentinel Fall

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Sentinel Falls
LocationYosemite Valley, Yosemite NP, CA, US
Coordinates37°43′40″N 119°35′48″W / 37.72778°N 119.59667°W / 37.72778; -119.59667Coordinates: 37°43′40″N 119°35′48″W / 37.72778°N 119.59667°W / 37.72778; -119.59667
Total height1,920 ft (590 m)
Number of drops6
Longest drop500 ft (150 m)
World height ranking60

Sentinel Falls is a long series of cascades descending into Yosemite Valley, in the U.S. state of California, alongside Sentinel Rock. It is a tiered waterfall consisting of 6 major drops totaling 1,920 feet (590 m), the longest single drop being 500 feet (150 m).[1] It ranks on many lists as the twelfth-highest waterfall in the world,[citation needed] although in truth it is roughly the sixtieth-tallest, as most weaker waterfalls do not make it into such lists. Despite its immense height it has a relatively low drainage and is usually dry by July.


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