Sentri medium fighter

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Sentri class fighter
First appearance The Coming of Shadows
Affiliation Centauri Republic
General characteristics
Armaments 1 Twin Particle Array [1]
Power Versal Fusion Reactor [1]
Length 22.25 meters [2]

The Sentri class medium fighter is the fictional fighter craft of the Centauri Republic in the fictional universe of Babylon 5.


A highly advanced design, the Sentri is extremely fast and maneuverable, and can outfly even the best EarthForce and Narn fighters. Only the Minbari Nial-Class fighter is faster and more maneuverable. However, the Sentri's speed comes at a price: the fighter has thin armor plating. The Sentri is thus highly vulnerable to direct hits from enemy ships and even a single shot from an enemy fighter can destroy it.[3] The Sentri is capable of flying both in space and in a planetary atmosphere. It is also equipped with a sophisticated autopilot system which can fly the fighter even when the pilot has blacked out in an extreme maneuver during battle.[4]