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Senusret was an Ancient Egyptian official who was a vizier during the last years of king Senusret I's rule and in the first years of Amenemhet II. Senusret is known from a stela found in Abydos,[1] which is dated to year 8 of Amenemhet II. He also appears in biographical inscriptions in the tomb of the governor Amenemhat at Beni Hasan, where it is reported that he was on a mission to Koptos. The inscription reports events under Senusret I.

Senusret had a huge tomb complex next to the pyramid of Amenemhet I at el-Lisht. There was a mastaba in the centre, about 12 m × 26 m in size, much of which has been destroyed. The building was found within a mud brick outer brick wall measuring 30.4 m × 35.8 m. The decoration of the mastaba was only preserved in the smallest fragments, but revealed the name Senusret and some titles, including those of a vizier. Within the tomb complex was found the undisturbed burial shaft of the lady Senebtisi.


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