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Chrisye - Senyawa.jpg
Studio album by Chrisye
Released November 2004
Recorded 2003-2004
Genre Pop
Length 37:55
Label Musica Studios
Producer Chrismansyah Rahadi
Chrisye chronology

Senyawa ([səˈɲawa]; English: One Soul) is an Indonesian album released by Musica Studios in 2004. It was Chrisye's last studio album and a collaboration with numerous Indonesian singers and bands, including Project Pop, Peterpan, Ahmad Dhani, and Ungu.


Senyawa was heavily influenced by Chrisye. He became the album's producer, replacing Erwin Gutawa, who had produced his last few albums.[1] He decided on a collaboration album with younger Indonesian artists, eventually working with Musica artists Ahmad Dhani of Dewa, Ungu, Peterpan, Naif, and Project Pop as well as Sony Music Entertainment artists Erros Chandra of Sheila on 7 and Tohpati.[2]

Due to the different styles of each band, the songs fit into numerous genres. For example, the song "Bur-Kat" (English: Say It Quickly) with Project Pop, featured rap.[3] Chrisye found this difficult, and took six takes to record "Bur-Kat".[4]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title With Length
1. "Jika Surga dan Neraka Tak Pernah Ada" ("If Heaven and Hell Never Existed") Ahmad Dhani 4:15
2. "Bur-Kat" ("Say It Quickly") Project Pop 3:49
3. "Menunggumu" ("Waiting for You") Peterpan 3:46
4. "Luna Kelam" ("Dark Moon") Erros Chandra, of Sheila On 7 4:59
5. "Panah Asmara" ("Passion's Arrow") Tohpati 4:07
6. "Beku" ("Frozen") Ricky FM, Lusman 4:05
7. "Cinta Yang Lain" ("Another Love") Ungu 4:18
8. "Suatu Persembahan Cinta" ("A Tribute to Love") Ferdy El Em Ent 4:30
9. "Tjah Ayoe" ("Pretty Face") Naif 4:02


Senyawa was released in November 2004. However, not long after its release, Sony Music Entertainment Indonesia (SMI) filed a complaint about the cover of the album, which featured the names of Erros Chandra and Tohpati on the cover, who were under contract to SMI; Erros and Tohpati were also featured on pictures in the liner notes. As a result, Musica Studios withdrew the album from circulation and later reissued it with a new, redesigned cover without Erros and Tohpati.[5] Chrisye later expressed regret that legal issues prevented him from recognizing Eross and Tohpati's contributions.[6] Despite the controversy, the album sold well.[7]

Four songs from Senyawa, "Cinta Yang Lain", "Menunggumu", "Bur-Kat", and "Jika Surga dan Neraka Tak Pernah Ada", were made into music videos.[8] The music video for "Menunggumu" was filmed just before Chrisye was diagnosed with lung cancer; it was one of his last music videos.[9]


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