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Senyawa Rully Shabara.jpg
Senyawa's Rully Shabara
Background information
Origin Indonesia
Genres hardcore metal, neotribal, experimental music
Years active 2010–present
Labels Yes No Wave Music, dualplOVER, !aNGRr!, Morphine Records
Members Rully Shabara
Wukir Suryadi

Senyawa is an experimental band from Java, Indonesia consisting of Rully Shabara and Wukir Suryadi. The band was formed in 2010 in Yogyakarta.[1]

Senyawa's Wukir Suryadi
Senyawa's Wukir Suryadi

The band mixes influences from musical and folklore traditions from the Indonesian archipelago with experimental music. The band neo-tribal sound has been described to mix "punk attitude" with "avant-garde aesthetics".[2] According to critics, Senyawa has managed to "manage to embody the aural flavours of Javanese music while exploring the framework of experimental music practice, pushing the boundaries of both traditions"[3] to create a sound that is "thoroughly out of this world."[4]

Shabara provides his extended vocal techniques to Senyawa.[5] The band's lyrics are in various languages of Indonesia, including Sulawesian, Javanese and Bahasa Indonesia. Senyawa's music is provided by Suryadi's self-built musical instruments made from bamboo and traditional agricultural tools from rural Indonesia.[6]

Senyawa has been performing extensively in Asia, Australia and Europe. They have collaborated with notable musicians such as Stephen O'Malley, Lucas Abela, Yasuke Akai, Jon Sass, Damo Suzuki, Jerome Cooper, Keiji Haino, Melt Banana, Tatsuya Yoshida, Charles Cohen, David Shea and Kazuhisa Uchihashi.

In 2015, US modular synthesizer pioneer Charles Cohen reinterpreted by music by Senyawa. This reinterpretation has since been released as a 12" vinyl.[7]


The French documentary filmmaker Vincent Moon has directed a short movie about the band, in January 2012. The movie is entitled Calling the New Gods.[8]


Studio Albums[edit]

  • 2011 Senyawa[9]
  • 2012 Senyawa with Kazuhisa Uchihashi[10]
  • 2014 Acaraki[11]
  • 2014 Unheard Indonesia Vol.5 Senyawa with Arrington de Dionyso[12]
  • 2015 Menjadi[13]
  • 2016 Brønshøj (Puncak)[14]


Live Albums[edit]

  • 2011 Live at Grub
  • 2015 Live at Cafe Oto[18]
  • 2018 Calling The New Gods (single 10" vinyl)[19] released by Okraina Records in Brussels, Belgium


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  2. Ars Electronica Award 2017 in the category of Digital Music and Sound with Lucas Abela's Gamelan Wizard[21]
  3. Editor`s Choice Awards 2017 by Rolling Stone Indonesia
  4. Green Room Awards 2018 for Best Music Composition and Sound Design[22]


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