Senza orario Senza bandiera

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Senza orario Senza bandiera
Senza orario Senza bandiera.jpg
Studio album by New Trolls
Released 1968
Genre Progressive rock, Beat, Italian Progressive Rock
Label Fonit-Cetra
New Trolls chronology
Senza orario Senza bandiera
New Trolls
(1970)New Trolls1970

Senza orario Senza bandiera is the debut album by the Italian progressive rock band New Trolls, released in 1968.

The album is considered the first Italian concept album, where seamless, all songs develop a single theme: the vision of the world in the eyes of a poet. lyrics are by Richard Mannerini and then pass through the hands of Fabrizio De André, who, like a mosaic, (the precise words of De André), assembles them by fitting them in the metric.

The music is all by Nico Di Palo and Vittorio De Scalzi, except Signore, io sono Irish written by Gian Piero Reverberi, who works with the New Trolls on the arrangements, is the author of the short instrumental interludes that connect the songs and is also the producer of the album (with De André), and Vorrei comprare una strada, written by Reverberi with De André, De Scalzi and Di Palo. Particularly noticeable two tracks: the dreamy Vorrei comprare una strada and the antiwar Ti ricordi, Joe?, Dialogue between two marines veterans.[1]

Track listing[edit]

  1. Ho veduto
  2. Vorrei comprare una strada
  3. Signore, io sono Irish
  4. Susy Forrester
  5. Al bar dell'angolo
  6. Duemila
  7. Ti ricordi, Joe?
  8. Padre O'Brien
  9. Tom Flaherty
  10. Andrò ancora


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