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For the historical figure that this character is based on, see Jang Geum

Seo Jang Geum(서장금 (徐長今)) is the main character of the Korean television series Dae Jang Geum. Based on the historical figure Jang Geum, possibly the first and only female physician of the King in all of Korean history. She is the daughter of the middle class(chungin) military officer Seo Cheon-soo and Park Myeong-yi, the yangban granddaughter of a former court official. In the beginning of the series, Seo saved Myeong-yi (then Park Na-in) when she was to be executed by the Choi family. Myeong-yi then married him and gave birth to Jang Geum. However, Jang Geum accidentally reveals her father's past identity, which leads to his arrest, and the murder of Myeong-yi. Jang Geum, however, survives and makes it into the palace.


Jang Geum was a bright and curious girl from her childhood. However, her curiosity led to her mischief many times. When she enters the palace, she becomes the student of Han Baek-young, who turns out to be Myeong-yi's best friend. Jang Geum successfully becomes a Na-in (palace maid), but a plot by the Choi family causes her to be exiled to Jeju Island. However, on Jeju she meets Jang-deok, who teaches her the art of medicine. With her help she is able to become a physician lady (Eun-yo) and reenter the palace. When she returns she successfully overcomes the Choi family's desperate and aggressive attempts to get her out of the palace with the help of her lover, Min Jung ho. With her skill and diligence, she becomes a royal physician and attains the title Dae Jang Geum (the Great Jang Geum). Many other people opposed this, and the only supporter, Min, is exiled. However, the king is so worried about Jang Geum that he secretly sends Jang Geum away, allowing her to reunite with Min and flee to Ming China. Jang Geum and Min decide to marry live in hiding as fugitives in the outskirts of Joseon Korea. She also raises a daughter, Min So-hyun. Eventually Jang Geum is brought back to the palace with her family, but chooses to live with the common people, but close to the palace. The series ends as Jang Geum successfully performs the first Caesarean section surgery ever.

Her best friends are Lee Yeon-saeng, the royal concubine of King Jungjong of Joseon, and a physician lady in the palace named Shin-bi. Throughout much of the series, Jang Geum has an increasingly close relationship with Min Jung-ho.

Historical connection[edit]

Seo Jang Geum is based loosely on the figure Jang Geum documented in the Annals of Joseon Dynasty. Jang Geum was the first and only female physician of the King or ruler in all of ancient Korean history.[1]


The role of Seo Jang Geum is played by Lee Young-ae (이영애 (李英愛)), who was originally supposed to play the role Lee Yeon-saeng. The role made Lee Young-ae famous worldwide.

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