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Seodi Venekai-Rudo White is an anthropologist, social development lawyer and women's rights activist.[1][2] She is the Chairperson of the Network’s Permanent Committee on Gender-Related Law.[3] She was responsible for the enactment of the Malawi domestic violence legislation in 2006.[3] She is currently the National Coordinator of Women and the Law in Southern Africa Research and Education Trust (WLSA Malawi).[4]


  • Sexual violence and women’s vulnerability to HIV transmission in Malawi (2005)
  • Beyond inequalities: Women in Malawi (2005)
  • Contributing towards the realization of women’s human rights and gender justice: Recommendations for a more equitable Constitution (2006)
  • Engendering parliament in Malawi: A handbook for parliamentarians (2005)
  • Gender and citizenship as a critical lens for analysis in development (2005)
  • Law and policy review: How far has SADC engendered law and policy? (2005)
  • Can the law reduce HIV transmission among women? (2005)
  • The prevention of domestic violence bill in Malawi: Multisectoral perspectives (2003)
  • Dispossessing the widow:Gender-based violence in Malawi (2002)


  • Dispossessing the Widow by Seodi Venekai White (2005)
  • In search of justice: Women and the administration of justice (2000)


  • Malawi Human Rights Commission Award - 2004[4]
  • Visiting scholar at the International Women’s Human Rights Project at the University of Toronto[5]