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Seohyeon-dong refers to two of the 19 dongs of Bundang-gu, Seongnam, South Korea, Seohyeon-1-dong and Seohyeon-2-dong. The total area is 8.36 km², with a population of 52,950, 32,686 in Seohyeon-1-dong (7.57 km²)[](May 2014) and 20,264 in Seohyeon-2-dong (0.79 km²)[] (May 2014). To south there is Sunae-dong, to north there is Imae-dong, to west there are Baekhyeon-dong and Pangyo-dong, to east there are Bundang-dong and Gwangju city. It includes the busiest place in Bundang, AK Plaza.


'Seohyeon' named after Don-seo-chon (Seo) and Yang-hyeon-ri (Hyeon). This area was called 'Seohyeon-ri' in 1914, and it was included in Seongnam in 1973. In 1992, it became Seohyeon-dong of Bundang.

Transportation and Roads[edit]


Apartment Complexes[edit]

  • Hanyang Apartment
  • Samsung/Hanshin Apartment
  • Woosung Apartment
  • Hyundai Apartment
  • Imgwang Apartment
  • Hyoja Hyundai Apartment


  • Seohyun Elementary School
  • Bundang Elementary School
  • Yangyung Elementary School
  • Seodang Elementary School
  • Seohyun Middle School
  • Yangyung Middle School
  • Seohyun High School
  • Yangyung High School

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