Seohyeon Station

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Seohyeon Station
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Korean name
Revised Romanization Seohyeonnyeok
McCune–Reischauer Sŏhyŏnnyŏk
General information
Location 263 Seohyeon-dong,
Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si,
Coordinates 37°23′06.42″N 127°07′23.86″E / 37.3851167°N 127.1232944°E / 37.3851167; 127.1232944Coordinates: 37°23′06.42″N 127°07′23.86″E / 37.3851167°N 127.1232944°E / 37.3851167; 127.1232944
Operated by Korail
Line(s)      Bundang Line
Platforms 2
Tracks 2
Structure type Underground
Key dates
September 1, 1994      Bundang Line opened

Seohyeon Station is a subway station on the Bundang Line in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. The line connects to Seoul. The area around this station is popular among young people, with lots of bars, restaurants, movie theaters, hagwon, offices, etc. AK Plaza (previously Samsung Plaza) and Bundang Jesaeng Hospital are also in this area.

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Bundang Line
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