Seong of Balhae

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Seong of Balhae
Hangul 성왕
Hanja 成王
Revised Romanization Seong wang
McCune–Reischauer Sŏng wang
Birth name
Hangul 대화여
Hanja 大華璵
Revised Romanization Dae Hwa-yeo
McCune–Reischauer Tae Hwayŏ
Monarchs of Korea
  1. Go 698–719
  2. Mu 719–737
  3. Mun 737–793
  4. Dae Won-ui 793
  5. Seong 793–794
  6. Gang 794–809
  7. Jeong 809–812
  8. Hui 812–817
  9. Gan 817–818
  10. Seon 818–830
  11. Dae Ijin 830–857
  12. Dae Geonhwang 857–871
  13. Dae Hyeonseok 871–894
  14. Dae Wihae 894–906
  15. Dae Inseon 906–926

Seong of Balhae, (died 794), sometimes called by his birth-name Dae Hwa-yeo, was the 5th ruler of the Balhae. He was the grandson of King Mun, his father being the deceased heir Dae Goeng-rim.


He chose the era name Jungheung (중흥, 中興). King Seong was a very physically weak person, and lived for a few months after his rise to the throne. The most notable accomplishment that was done during his reign was the moving of the capital to Sanggyeong.

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Seong of Balhae
Died: 794
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Dae Won-ui
King of Balhae
Succeeded by