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The Seongnam Arts Center (성남아트센터) is the largest venue for cultural events in the city of Seongnam. It is in Yatap-dong in Bundang, within a few minutes' walk of Imae Station. The Seongnam Arts Center was first opened on 14 October 2005 by the Seongam Cultural Foundation.

Performing venues[edit]

The Seongnam Arts Center is able to put on any kind of performance from ballet, to opera, to jazz, in its three main performance areas:

  • The Opera House seats 1,805 and is capable of hosting operas, musicals, plays, ballets, and concerts. It is intended as a link between local and international culture.
  • The Concert Hall was acoustically designed with classical music performances in mind. This two-story facility seats 996.
  • The Ensemble Theatre, seats 398, in addition to the regular stage, has a T-stage wrapping itself around the seats, allowing the performance to come closer to the audience.


The arts center is also home to two galleries displaying work from both international and domestic artists. The facility is divided into 5 exhibition rooms in two separate sections of the Arts Center:

  • The Main Gallery has three exhibition rooms and is located under the Opera House.
  • The Annex Gallery has two exhibition rooms and is located on the first floor of the Ensemble Theater.

Other facilities[edit]

In the Opera House, on the first floor, a free daycare is available for parents while they enjoy the performance. Space is limited to about 15 children, which are supervised by two trained childcare specialists. On the next floor down, The Uptown Dinner provides casual Italian food in a comfortable atmosphere while a convenience store close by sells snacks.

The Seongnam Arts Center Art Shop is underneath the Ensemble Theater, selling works by first-class artists. By the Art Shop, flowers can be purchased in the Arts Flower Shop. There is also ample parking space, both above and below the ground.

Known as the Academy, a variety of courses are available for the public in the areas of both fine and the performing arts. Facilities such as music, ballet and art rooms are in the Concert Hall and the Ensemble Theater.


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