Seonjong of Goryeo

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Seonjong of Goryeo
Hangul 선종
Hanja 宣宗
Revised Romanization Seonjong
McCune–Reischauer Sŏnjong
Birth name
Hangul 왕운
Hanja 王運
Revised Romanization Wang Un
McCune–Reischauer Wang Un
Courtesy name
Hangul 계천
Hanja 繼天
Revised Romanization Gyecheon
McCune–Reischauer Kyech'ŏn

Seonjong of Goryeo (9 October 1049 – 17 June 1094) (r. 1083–1094) was the 13th king of Goryeo. He's the second son of Empress Inye and born in September, 1049. He was sealed as marquis of Gukwon (國原侯) in March, 1056. Harmony of Confucism and Buddhism made his political statue very stable. Also he propelled broad-range trade among Song, Jurchens, Liao dynasty of Khitans, and Japan.

During his period, Buddhism in Korea grew a lot. His brother Uicheon brought 1,000 scriptures from Song and bought 4,000 scriptures from Liao, Song, and Japan. Furthermore, Seonjong founded many pagodas for Buddhist temples and presented clothing for soldiers guarding the borders. Even when bedridden due to an illness in 1092, he calmly accepted his nearing death on lieu of Buddhist virtues.[1]


  • Father : King Munjong of Goryeo (29 December 1019 – 2 September 1083) (고려 문종)
    • Grandfather : King Hyeonjong of Goryeo (1 August 992 – 17 June 1031) (고려 현종)
    • Grandmother : Queen Wonhye of the Ansan Kim clan (? – 30 June 1022) (원혜태후 김씨)
  • Mother : Queen Inye of the Incheon Lee clan (1031 – 1092) (인예왕후 이씨)
    • Grandfather : Lee Ja-Yeon (1003 – 1061) (이자연)
    • Grandmother : Lady Kim of the Gyeongju Kim clan (경주 김씨)

Consorts :

  1. Queen Sasuk of the Incheon Lee clan (1065 – 1107) (사숙왕후 이씨)
    1. King Heonjong of Goryeo (1 August 1084 – 6 November 1097) (고려 헌종)
    2. Unnamed daughter
    3. Princess Suan (1088 – 1128) (수안택주)
  2. Royal Consort Jeongshin Hyeon-Bi of the Incheon Lee clan (정신현비 이씨)
    1. Queen Gyeonghwa of the Incheon Lee clan (1079 – 29 July 1109) (경화왕후 이씨)
  3. Princess Wonshin of the Incheon Lee clan (원신궁주 이씨)
    1. Wang Yun, Prince Hansan (왕윤 한산후)

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  1. ^ 삼국유사
Seonjong of Goryeo
Born: 9 October 1049 Died: 17 June 1094
Regnal titles
Preceded by
King of Goryeo
Succeeded by
Korean royalty
New creation Marquis of Gukwon
Merged in the Crown