Seoul Metropolitan Council

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Seoul Metropolitan Council

10th Seoul Metropolitan Council
Founded5 September 1956 (1956-09-05)
Shin Won-cheol, Democratic
Vice Chairman
Kim Saeng-whan, Democratic
Vice Chairman
Park Ki-yeol, Democratic
South Korea 2018 Seoul Metropolitan Council Member election results.svg
서울특별시의회 10대.svg
Political groups
     Democratic (102)
     United Future (6)
     People's Livelihoods (1)
     Justice (1)
Length of term
4 years
Parallel voting
Last election
13 June 2018
Meeting place
Seoul Metropolitan Council1.JPG
Main building [ko] of the Seoul Metropolitan Council, Jung District, Seoul
Seoul Metropolitan Council (Korean)
Seoul Metropolitan Council (English)
Seoul Metropolitan Council
Revised RomanizationSeoul Teukbyeolsi Uihoe
McCune–ReischauerSŏul Tŭkpyŏlsi Ŭihoe
Seoul Metropolitan Council, the legislative body of Seoul in Jung District, Seoul

The Seoul Metropolitan Council (Korean서울특별시의회; Hanja서울特別市議會) is the local council of Seoul.

There are a total of 110 members, with 100 members elected in the First-past-the-post voting system and 10 members elected in Party-list proportional representation.

Current composition[edit]

Composition of the Seoul Metropolitan Council[1]
Political party Seats
Democratic Party of Korea 102
United Future Party 6
People's Livelihoods 1
Justice Party 1
Total 110

Negotiation groups can be formed by 10 or more members. There are currently a negotiation group in the Council, formed by the Democratic Party of Korea only.

List of council members[edit]

Constituency Member Political party
Gangnam 1st Sung Joong-gi United Future
Gangnam 2nd Kim Pyeong-nam Democratic
Gangnam 3rd Choi Young-ju Democratic
Gangnam 4th Kim Tae-ho Democratic
Gangnam 5th Kim Jin-su United Future
Gangnam 6th Lee Seok-ju United Future
Gangdong 1st Lee Joon-hyung Democratic
Gangdong 2nd Kim Jong-mu Democratic
Gangdong 3rd Song Myung-hwa Democratic
Gangdong 4th Hwang In-gu Democratic
Gangbuk 1st Kim Dong-sik Democratic
Gangbuk 2nd Lee Sang-hoon Democratic
Gangbuk 3rd Choi Sun Democratic
Gangbuk 4th Ahn Gwang-seok Democratic
Gangseo 1st Park Sang-goo Democratic
Gangseo 2nd Moon Jang-gil Democratic
Gangseo 3rd Kyung Man-sun Democratic
Gangseo 4th Kim Yong-yeon Democratic
Gangseo 5th Lee Kwang-sung Democratic
Gangseo 6th Chang Sang-ki Democratic
Gwanak 1st Song Do-ho Democratic
Gwanak 2nd Seo Yun-gi Democratic
Gwanak 3rd Lim Man-kyun Democratic
Gwanak 4th Yoo Jeong-hee Democratic
Gwangjin 1st Jeon Byeong-ju Democratic
Gwangjin 2nd Oh Hyun-jung Democratic
Gwangjin 3rd Kim Ho-pyoung Democratic
Gwangjin 4th Kim Jae-hyoung Democratic
Guro 1st Jang In-hong Democratic
Guro 2nd Lee Ho-dae Democratic
Guro 3rd Hwang Kyu-bok Democratic
Guro 4th Kim In-je Democratic
Geumcheon 1st Chae In-muk Democratic
Geumcheon 2nd Choi Gi-chan Democratic
Nowon 1st Oh Han-a Democratic
Nowon 2nd Lee Eun-ju Democratic
Nowon 3rd Bong Yang-soon Democratic
Nowon 4th Kim Saeng-whan Democratic
Nowon 5th Chae Yu-mi Democratic
Nowon 6th Song Jae-hyuk Democratic
Dobong 1st Kim Yong-seok Democratic
Dobong 2nd Kim Kwang-soo Democratic
Dobong 3rd Kim Chang-won Democratic
Dobong 4th Song Ah-ryang Democratic
Dongdaemun 1st Song Jung-bin Democratic
Dongdaemun 2nd Oh Joong-seok Democratic
Dongdaemun 3rd Kim In-ho Democratic
Dongdaemun 4th Kim Soo-kyu Democratic
Dongjak 1st Kim Jung-hwan Democratic
Dongjak 2nd Kim Kyung-woo Democratic
Dongjak 3rd Park Ki-yeol Democratic
Dongjak 4th Yoo Yong Democratic
Mapo 1st Kim Sang-hoon Democratic
Mapo 2nd Lee Se-yeol Democratic
Mapo 3rd Jeong Jin-sul Democratic
Mapo 4th Kim Ki-deok Democratic
Seodaemun 1st Shin Won-cheol Democratic
Seodaemun 2nd Kim Ho-jin Democratic
Seodaemun 3rd Lee Seung-mi Democratic
Seodaemun 4th Cho Sang-ho Democratic
Seocho 1st Kim Hye-ryeon Democratic
Seocho 2nd Kim Kyung-young Democratic
Seocho 3rd Moon Byung-hoon Democratic
Seocho 4th Choo Seung-woo Democratic
Seongdong 1st Lee Dong-hyun Democratic
Seongdong 2nd Chung Ji-kwon Democratic
Seongdong 3rd Kim Ki-dae Democratic
Seongdong 4th Kim Dal-ho Democratic
Seongbuk 1st Kim Chun-rye Democratic
Seongbuk 2nd Choi Jung-soon Democratic
Seongbuk 3rd Kang Dong-gil Democratic
Seongbuk 4th Lee Kyung-sun Democratic
Songpa 1st Noh Seung-jae Democratic
Songpa 2nd Kim Sang-jin Democratic
Songpa 3rd Hong Sung-ryong Democratic
Songpa 4th Lee Tae-seong Democratic
Songpa 5th Lee Jeong-in Democratic
Songpa 6th Jeong Jin-cheol Democratic
Yangcheon 1st Shin Jeong-ho Democratic
Yangcheon 2nd Moon Young-min Democratic
Yangcheon 3rd Woo Hyoung-chan Democratic
Yangcheon 4th Kim Hee-geol Democratic
Yeongdeungpo 1st Choi Woong-shik Democratic
Yeongdeungpo 2nd Kim Chung-tae Democratic
Yeongdeungpo 3rd Jeong Jae-woong Democratic
Yeongdeungpo 4th Yang Min-kyu Democratic
Yongsan 1st Kim Je-ri Democratic
Yongsan 2nd Noh Shik-rae Democratic
Eunpyeong 1st Sung Heum-jae Democratic
Eunpyeong 2nd Lee Byung-do Democratic
Eunpyeong 3rd Kwon Soon-sun Democratic
Eunpyeong 4th Lee Hyun-chan Democratic
Jongno 1st Koh Byung-kook Democratic
Jongno 2nd Lim Jong-guk Democratic
Jung 1st Park Soon-kyu Democratic
Jung 2nd Park Ki-jae Democratic
Jungnang 1st Lee Young-sil Democratic
Jungnang 2nd Kim Tae-soo Democratic
Jungnang 3rd Kang Dae-ho Democratic
Jungnang 4th Jeon Seok-ki Democratic
Proportional representation
Kwon Young-hee Democratic
Kim Kyoung Democratic
Kim Hwa-sook Democratic
Lee Kwang-ho Democratic
Han Ki-young Democratic
Kim So-yang United Future
Yeo Myeong United Future
Lee Sung-bae United Future
Kim So-young Bareunmirae
Kwon Soo-jung Justice


The structure of Council consists of:[2]

  • Chairman
  • Two Vice Chairmans
  • Standing Committees
    • Council Steering Committee
    • Administration & Autonomy Committee
    • Planning & Economy Committee
    • Environment & Water Resources Committee
    • Culture, Sports & Tourism Committee
    • Health & Social Affairs Committee
    • Public Safety & Construction Committee
    • City Planning & Management Committee
    • Transportation Committee
    • Education Committee
  • Special Committees
    • Special Committees on Budget & Accounts
    • Special Committees on Ethics

Recent election results[edit]


e • d Summary of the 13 June 2018 Seoul Metropolitan Council election results[3]
Party Constituency Party list Total seats
Votes % Seats ± Votes % Seats ± Seats ±
Democratic Party of Korea 3,022,905 61.89 97 Increase25 2,523,110 50.92 5 Steady0 102 Increase25
Liberty Korea Party 1,400,927 28.68 3 Decrease21 1,250,856 25.24 3 Decrease2 6 Decrease23
Bareunmirae Party 419,635 8.59 0 new 569,224 11.48 1 new 1 new
Justice Party N/A 480,371 9.69 1 Increase1 1 Increase1
Party for Democracy and Peace 10,668 0.22 0 new 43,839 0.88 0 new 0 new
Green Party Korea N/A 37,974 0.76 0 Steady0 0 Steady0
Minjung Party 12,989 0.27 0 new 17,249 0.34 0 new 0 new
Korean Patriots' Party 789 0.02 0 new 15,726 0.31 0 new 0 new
Other parties 1,537 0.03 0 Steady0 N/A 0 Steady0
Independents 14,560 0.30 0 Steady0 N/A 0 Steady0
Total 4,884,010 100.00 100 4,954,933 100.00 10 110

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