Seoul Open

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Seoul Open
Defunct tennis tournament
Event nameSeoul Open (1987–89, 1995–96)
KAL Cup Korea Open (1990–94)
TourGrand Prix circuit (1987–89)
ATP Tour (1990–96)
LocationSeoul, South Korea

The Seoul Open is a defunct Grand Prix and ATP Tour affiliated men's tennis tournament played from 1987 to 1996. It was held at the Seoul Olympic Park Tennis Center in Seoul in South Korea and played on outdoor hard courts.

Past finals[edit]


Year Champions Runners-up Score
1987 United States Jim Grabb United States Andre Agassi 1–6, 6–4, 6–2
1988 United States Dan Goldie United Kingdom Andrew Castle 6–3, 6–7, 6–0
1989 United States Robert Van't Hof Australia Brad Drewett 7–5, 6–4
1990 Austria Alex Antonitsch Australia Pat Cash 7–6, 6–3
1991 Germany Patrick Baur United States Jeff Tarango 6–4, 1–6, 7–6
1992 Japan Shuzo Matsuoka Australia Todd Woodbridge 6–3, 4–6, 7–5
1993 United States Chuck Adams Australia Todd Woodbridge 6–4, 6–4
1994 United Kingdom Jeremy Bates Germany Jörn Renzenbrink 6–4, 6–7, 6–3
1995 Canada Greg Rusedski Germany Lars Rehmann 6–4, 3–1 RET.
1996 Zimbabwe Byron Black Czech Republic Martin Damm 7–6, 6–3


Year Champions Runners-up Score
1987 United States Eric Korita
United States Mike Leach
United States Ken Flach
United States Jim Grabb
6–7, 6–1, 7–5
1988 United Kingdom Andrew Castle
Argentina Roberto Saad
United States Gary Donnelly
United States Jim Grabb
6–7, 6–4, 7–6
1989 United States Scott Davis
Kenya Paul Wekesa
United States John Letts
United States Bruce Man-Son-Hing
6–2, 6–4
1990 Canada Grant Connell
Canada Glenn Michibata
Australia Jason Stoltenberg
Australia Todd Woodbridge
7–6, 6–4
1991 Austria Alex Antonitsch
Israel Gilad Bloom
United States Kent Kinnear
United States Sven Salumaa
7–6, 6–1
1992 United States Kevin Curren
South Africa Gary Muller
New Zealand Kelly Evernden
United States Brad Pearce
7–6, 6–4
1993 Sweden Jan Apell
Sweden Peter Nyborg
United Kingdom Neil Broad
South Africa Gary Muller
5–7, 7–6, 6–2
1994 France Stephane Simian
United States Kenny Thorne
United States Kent Kinnear
Canada Sébastien Lareau
6–4, 3–6, 7–5
1995 Canada Sébastien Lareau
United States Jeff Tarango
Australia Joshua Eagle
Australia Andrew Florent
6–3, 6–2
1996 United States Rick Leach
United States Jonathan Stark
United States Kent Kinnear
Zimbabwe Kevin Ullyett
6–4, 6–4

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