Seoul Science High School

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Seoul Science High School
Seoul Science High School Seal.gif
"예지의행 (叡智義行)"
(literal translation: "Intelligence and Righteous Action")
1-1 Hyehwa-dong
Jongno-gu, Seoul
South Korea
Type Specialty High School
Established 1989
Principal Byung-Soo Choi
Grades 10-12
Enrollment 373 (2012)
Seoul Science High School
Hangul 서울과학고등학교
Hanja 서울科學高等學校
Revised Romanization Seoul Gwahak Godeung Hakgyo
McCune–Reischauer Sŏul Kwahak Kodŭng Hakkyo

Seoul Science High School is a public school for gifted students (ages 15–18) interested in science. The school was established in 1989, and is located at Jongno-gu, Seoul. It is one of the nineteen science high schools in Republic of Korea. In 2009, it has become an 'academy for gifted students' selected by the ministry of education of Korea. Now it is one of the four such academies in Republic of Korea.

The school accepts its intake from the top 0.01% of middle school graduates.[citation needed] Before the transition, there were about 180 students in each grade, but the number decreased to 156. The general program was a three-year course, but an early graduation program existed. About one-third of sophomore students graduated one year earlier than typical high school students.[citation needed]

However, after the transition to 'academy for gifted students', students in each grade have decreased to 120, and the curriculum has set again to fulfill the need and curiosity of students. The new curriculum includes of the following :

  • Non-graded, credit-based graduation system
  • Strengthening research activities to develop creativity
  • Interdisciplinary curriculum
  • Focusing on advanced courses
  • Geared to the level and aptitude of each individual
  • Various programs for whole-person education

In order to achieve graduation, a student must fulfill 170 credits in overall course work, which consists of 140 credits on academic course and 30 credits on research. Also, the student must fulfill at least 240 hours on special activities: 120 hours on group activity, and 120 hours on volunteer work.

The school has many national and international Science Olympiad participants and medal winners. Usually a quarter to a half of the Korean participants in the International Science Olympiads are from Seoul Science High School.[citation needed]

Graduates from this school typically enter Seoul National University, KAIST, and POSTECH.[citation needed] Some students enroll to colleges abroad such as MIT, Caltech, UC Berkeley, Stanford, Harvard, and Cornell.[citation needed]. Many alumni have undertaken graduate studies at top institutions in Korea, U.S., and Europe after earning their bachelor's degrees.

The school motto is "Intelligence and Righteous Action" (예지의행, 叡智義行).

Notable alumni[edit]

  • 박태훈 Park Tae-hoon - Chairman of the Board of Directors of Gyeongnam Trading Inc.
  • 윤송이 Yoon Song-yi - President of NCSOFT
  • 이준석 Lee Joon-seok - Politician
  • 남휘종 Nam Hwee-jong - Lecturer at ETOOS, Vitaedu

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