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Sepang Municipal Council
Sepang Town in Sepang District

Pekan Sepang is a small border town and also a mukim in Sepang District, Selangor, Malaysia.[1] The Sepang International Circuit in the western part of the town, where the Malaysian F1 Grand Prix was[2] and Malaysian MotoGP Grand Prix is held. Malaysia's largest airport Kuala Lumpur International Airport in the western part of the town.

Administrative divisions[edit]

The area of Mukim Sepang covers 198.08 km².[3] There are 6 Malay villages, 2 Chinese New villages[4] and 31 neighbourhoods in this mukim.[5]


  • SJK (C) Sepang[6]


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Coordinates: 2°41′30″N 101°45′05″E / 2.69167°N 101.75139°E / 2.69167; 101.75139