Sepanggar Island

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Sepanggar Island
KotaKinabalu Sabah PulauSapanggar-02.jpg
Aerial view of Sepanggar Island
Sepanggar Island is located in Borneo Topography
Sepanggar Island
Sepanggar Island
Coordinates Coordinates: 6°4′4″N 116°4′26″E / 6.06778°N 116.07389°E / 6.06778; 116.07389
State  Sabah

Sepanggar Island (Malay: Pulau Sepanggar) is an island located off Sepanggar Bay, Sabah. Its eastern shore supports a small community. The island is easily spotted from the city centre and from Likas Bay. It has a north east–south west orientation and therefore commands a view of Gaya Bay on the eastern shoreline. The island has two main peaks and is covered in thick tropical rainforest. This island can be accessed by the jetty near the city centre or from Sepanggar Bay, near the navy base. This island, however, is not really visited by tourists but mostly fishermen stay there. This island is known to be where several World War II bombs have been found.[1][2]

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